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Quality first footwear & Accessories Manufacturing

About Pioneer

Pioneer Exports Ltd specializes in the management of all types of footwear sourcing, product development, quality assurance and supply chain.

Founded in 2001 by industry veteran Kenny Mahtani, the company has evolved to become a key player in the footwear & fashion industry – supplying footwear to top brands in North America, United States, Central America Europe and India . We have expanded our global team to over +100 employees from all over Asia and operate in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Vietnam, and India.

Over the years, we have developed a unique business model that provides a leading advantage when it comes to perceived value of our products, while retaining our commitment to quality and sustainability. Specializing in branded footwear along with a diverse portfolio of international brands, our manufacturing strengths cover all categories and price point tiers across all Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s footwear markets.


Our Clients

We have got great experience working with some of the best brands.

3 Reasons to choose Pioneer

Get Expertise You Desire

Over 100 employees across our 4 locations -covering the fields of merchandising, quality assurance specialists, designers and model makers and quality control staff. We have all the capabilities to handle every step of the process.

Access to vetted manufacturing Partners

We have an extensive international network of reliable manufacturers, suppliers and logistics partners that Pioneer Exports have carefully
sourced over the years.

Quality Assurance

The Company lays stress on making high quality products. Rigid checks are carried out at every stage of production to ensure that the products meet the high standards of customers. The checks are conducted at various stages of raw material selection, cutting, stitching, closing, finishing, final checking and packing.

Our Clients

Our Manufacturing Work

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Performance Shoes

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Women Shoes



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Where Magic Happens

Our Working Process

Our Process

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